I lived in a floating fortress
when a gypsyman from the seas
swam to my window and sang me a lullaby
that put me to sleep for a thousand years.


A fisherman sitting by the rocks heard a wheezing,
and thought it was
the sound of an aging mermaid
trying to break out of the sea.
But looking up,
he noticed a cloud squeezing through the sky,
and tipped his head in wonder.
A singing fish jumped out of the sea,
confessing the ocean’s belly in the key of G:
“What you heard, old man, was
the thud of a dolphin
hitting the bed of the earth
three thousand years ago
with a rapture so great
it traveled through time
like an electric wave of fire!
A tsunami is on its way,
as we speak.”



I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
- Paulo Neruda


Where the sky meets the earth

there's a little kite interlaced in a tree

that catches whispers from wandering whirlwinds

and slides them onto its back

like goldensparkles.

Sometimes they fall onto the ground,

and we mistake them for pigeon poop.

Define freedom

*Photos taken in Ireland


She told tales of fishes in a bowl
bubbling words that no-one ever understood,
of wild children hungry to their knees for love
leaving secret trails through wind
for forests to find,
of skies pouring down trails of rain
for birds to follow
until they hit the ground,
and of the universe making clouds
out of magic and dust.