three questions

I open my mouth to sing you a song, some solo with duende I heard on the radio, but gravity sucks all sound around us and we're left in a vacuum. My mouth is moving, but everything is silent, except for the wind blowing out of the mouth of some invisible giant somewhere. We're standing on the rails, and I hear the train in the distance, but we've always ignored these things, so it doesn't really matter. A dream that vibrates with our world. When we first met at the Guggenheim, two clueless corners of a room slowly drawing closer together like magnets,  paintings began to fall off the walls. It was an earthquake. You thought it was the drumroll in your heart that caused it, I thought it was mine. And then everything changed the new year's eve we set off the fireworks. They were illegal, and it was cold outside,  but the moon reflected off the lake, and since we had no watches, we relied on timeless beginnings. It started with your hands touching mine, then we got closer, and closer, till I could feel your breath on my cheek, and when you leaned in and whispered those fives words in my ear, I thought of U2 and their song "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" because this was exactly what I was looking for. Think in opposites, and thoughts come uninvited. When I asked you to describe a really relaxing day, you answered with five words: "Made me forget the others." When I asked you about the most interesting thing you've done, you answered with four words: "The mile high club."I laughed, you were intriguing. Then I asked you for three words, you said "knowing I'm loved." I said that was four. "Tea, brewing, pajamas." Sometimes I ask a lot of questions, but you were toxic, and I wanted to be intoxicated.

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